Roadside Attractions

It took me longer than usual to get home from town today. I got distracted by several roadside attractions and stopped to take some photos. Whether you think they are wildflowers or weeds, they were at least interesting.


This beggar-tickseed (Bidens aristosa) was just asking to be photographed. Before I stopped, I thought it was some form of sunflower, which proves that my plant ID skills at 40 mph are not that good.

fireweedI think this is fireweed (Erechtites hieraciifolius). I really liked the different textures of the seed heads and the background of all the tickseed.

Below is a field thistle (Cirsium discolor) I spotted a few miles further down the road.



A dun skipper (Euphyes ruricola) and a yellowpatch skipper (Polites coras), in the background, share some nectar on a field thistle. It is hard to spot the citizens of these small habitats when you are whizzing by in a car.

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